New York $2 Billion hedge fund


The fund is a New York City based hedge fund established in 1999 that needed to improve its broker ratings system. In particular, it needed to automate and secure its internal rankings of sell-side investor relations events, enhancing its original Excel-based system.

The Challenge

While the firm had developed an initial broker events ratings system, the system was subject to the vagaries of Excel. It had little in the way of data validation, could be used by only a single user at a time, did not extend well to evolving requirements, and was easily subject to user error.

The firm wanted to replace and upgrade the system, allowing it to be more easily adaptable to new requirements, such as different meeting types or additional users. The system also had to handle multiple users simultaneously.

The Solution

Delta Hedge recommended and created a solution that provides management of brokers, rule-based validation of data input, instant scoring, and the precise reporting that was desired. A primary gatekeeper maintains broker events, drawing on input from throughout the firm. Reports are available to all permissioned users, with drill-down and sorting as required.