Who We Serve

Delta Hedge Systems is focused entirely on delivering solutions to the asset management industry, particularly hedge funds and similar groups. Our systems have been developed and installed for hedge funds directly, for introducing prime brokers (mini-primes), for family offices and for prop trading, managed accounts, and liquid alts groups.

Delta’s focus on hedge funds ensures that each system implementation includes our accumulated body of knowledge from working within the industry for years.

Hedge Funds

Delta Hedge’s technology has been used by over 80 hedge funds, ranging in size from $5 million to $12 billion in assets under management (AUM). A selected sample includes:

  • CT $2 Billion long/short equity fund
  • NY $7 Billion long/short equity fund
  • NY $5 Billion long/short equity fund
  • NY $12 Billion multi-strategy fund
  • CT $1 Billion long/short equity fund
  • VT $15 Million family office
  • CA $600 Million long/short equity fund
  • NY $350 Million prop trading group
  • NY $500 Million high-yield bond fund

Introducing brokers (mini-primes)

OmniHedge is an ideal way for a mini-prime broker to extend a high-value technology platform to its client base. The system’s multi-level reporting and permissioning allows the broker to monitor limits and performance across clients while providing its clients real-time analysis tied in with its OMS/EMS offering. This economical solution is a benefit to both the broker and its client funds.

Proprietary trading desks

OmniHedge is perfectly suited to support management of a proprietary trading group. Capital limits are easily managed for each trader or group of traders. Limit monitoring and alerting allows management to stay on top of each trader’s activity. P&L, exposure and other data can be consolidated to produce analysis of traders’ performance for review and training.

Managed accounts groups

OmniHedge integrates data from multiple sources so is an ideal tool for managed accounts groups. OmniHedge can integrate both start-of-day (SOD) positions and intra- day trades, from different sources, allowing group managers to see how their positions across individual fund managers are performing real-time. Limit monitoring and alerting functionality provides group managers the data necessary to properly oversee their individual managers.