What We Do

Delta Hedge Systems, established in 1999, is founded upon the experience and expertise of talented technology professionals who have served the hedge fund industry since the mid-nineties. Consulting to two major prime brokers and more than 80 funds with over $55 billion under management, Delta Hedge teams have developed the deep business knowledge and the technical acumen to produce true competitive advantage for hedge fund portfolio managers and traders.

Delta Hedge software integrates data from firms’ existing systems, then instantaneously and dynamically re-calculates all reports using those and other data. Data are refreshed and recalculated real-time. The value of firms’ investments in such systems is thus substantially enhanced.

  • Portfolio accounting systems
  • Prime broker extracts and analytics
  • Real-time market data feeds
  • Historical market data feeds
  • Trading systems
  • Internal proprietary systems and spreadsheets
  • Third-party analytics systems
  • Back office outsourced systems

OmniHedge Portfolio and Risk Management System

OmniHedge is the core product supporting all Delta Hedge’s reporting systems.  Whether utilized as a hedge fund’s portfolio management system or a clearing firm’s counter-party risk tool, each OmniHedge implementation provides real-time, dynamic risk analysis of their portfolios.

OmniHedge integrates with existing market data, trading, and portfolio accounting and other systems to provide dynamic decision-support and real-time analysis. The framework thus maximizes the return on investment in other systems, as it takes the most important data from each system and compounds its value.

Custom software development

Delta Hedge’s strength has long been in the development of hedge fund custom software to meet unique requirements. It is from this work that OmniHedge first emerged. The wide variety of combinations in funds’ asset mixes, strategies, in-house systems, organizational structures and reporting requirements dictates a demand for very highly specific systems.

Other services

  • training, system integration and project management consulting
  • technical consulting and development
  • management consulting and technical recruiting services